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First Binge Reads of 2014!

January 21
by Brandy 21. January 2014 22:50

Back again!  I have found my first unexpected Binge Read of 2014 - and odds are you may already have it in your library!

I vaguely remember downloading this first book because it was in the books under $2.99 category on and I figured, what the hey?  So if anybody out there also downloaded it on the super cheap, time to dust it off!

This is the story of an Amazon, her magic sword, her witchy friends, her shifter frenemies and a hot guy.  She had me at Amazon.  And when I finally got around to reading it, it was pretty freaking awesome.  So I downloaded the next one-

And this one was even better!  In fact, it was the first book this year that kept me up past a respectable bedtime.  Warning:  this book ends on one of those horribly great gut punch moments where you are just bleeding for all the crap the character has gone through.  There was some excellent writing in here where even I, the queen of never crying at Hallmark moments, was feelilng a little sniffly and horrified at how broken she was. And you can't go to sleep when you know that your new Amazon friend is in the depths of despair.  So what do you do?  Download the third book, of course!

  And when I was done with this one, I wished a little bit that I hadn't read them yet, because I need a book four and there is no book four yet!

It also turns out that J. C. Daniels is a side venture of Shiloh Walker!  So even though I don't have a book four, I can branch off and start reading Shiloh Walker and hopefully get my fix in the meantime.  So first unexpected Binge Read - do it!  These books remind me of the Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews, but with a different spin and a different voice.  I normally don't like books that remind of other books but this series reminded me in a good way.  The series is called the Colbana Files - get your one through three on so we can all be ready for four!

Now, the first book this year that I know I am going to love and can't wait to stay up all night and read is the last book in the Bluegrass series by Kathleen Brooks -

This one is about Ahmed and Bridget!  And who doesn't love Ahmed and Bridget?  No one!  I am super sad that it's the last book in this series but I also can't wait to stay up tonight reading it!  The Bluegrass series has some of the best mashup of fun characters, small town crazy, southern crazy and geriatric nosy crazy.  And I love the crazy!  So if you have been keeping up with the citizens of Keeneston, here is the last installment.  Second official Binge Read, but first one that I expected. 

So man your ereaders for these excellent ebooks!  Kim Harrison and Patricia Briggs are coming soon but these should keep you entertained until February and March

Happy Binge Reading!


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Syncronize DVR's! Bitten on SyFy

January 07
by Brandy 7. January 2014 11:45

You know how there is always the rumor that some book is going to be turned into a tv show and you  kind of hope that it happens because it might be awesome but you kind of hope it doesn't because you will die a little inside if they don't live up to the pictures in your head?  Like, True Blood kind of nailed it but was so far removed from the actual books that you couldn't really think of them as the same entity- just two stories that occur in similar places with characters of the same names?

Well, the other Godmother of Urban Fantasy, Kelley Armstrong, is about to enter the arena!  I simultaneously hope that it is awesome beyond awesome and am afraid to watch it! 

This is the current incarnation of the first book in the series as it sits on the shelf today.  I originally bought this as a bargain book, before they realized how to market urban fantasy and/or how to get girls who don't wear corsets in public to buy scifi.  And, in taking a picture of my old, 2001 harcover copy, I just realized I have a first American edition!  Yay, Kelley Armstrong love :)

Here's what it looked like when I first stumbled upon it


Not what we see today, right?

So suffer through this with me, people.  Monday, January 13th on SyFy the show Bitten will start.  I'm not sure that I like any of the cast that I looked up on IMDB.  They are already showing Eve and Savannah in previews and they don't even come into the world until book two.  But I have loved many a SyFy show, so I am trying to have faith in them.  I'm sure that SyFy will have more respect for characters that are beloved by geeks than HBO did with True Blood.  Not that True Blood wasn't a different kind of genius in its own, pervy, naked hot people way.  I made it all the way through three seasons before I decided I couldn't take any more :)  But I love the Women of the Otherworld more than I love Sookie Stackhouse.  So I will be more upset if  they do horrible, out of character things to them.  So please SyFy, in the name of Sharknado, please have more respect for the fan base!  It will be just fine if you just run it like it is.  You will have girls kicking butt left and right, alliances, betrayals, werewolves, vamplires, witches, demons, half demons, necromancers, evil Cabals, favorite characters being killed off, hot guys, Savannah being the ultimate awesome, and a teen spin off series to fall back on.  What more do you really need to make a show rock than what the series already brings to the table?  Nothing, that's what! 

So cross your fingers with me and set your DVR.  Here's hoping for awesome...


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Start the Year off right!!

January 04
by Brandy 4. January 2014 23:03

It's been forever.  I know.  I got distracted, but here's a little touch base:

I made a freak ton of hats and minions last fall and right up into Christmas.

The last thing I read that really knocked my socks off was Ilona Andrews, and I think we talked about that...

I got sick at Christmas and have been lazy and voluntarily going to bed before midnight ever since (this is the part where those of you who know me gasp and shake your heads woefully)

Now I'm back-ish and ready to rock because... (insert Dunh, Dunh, Dunh!)

We are heading into the year of the Horse and I am a year of the Horse person, so this year should be ridiculously awesome.  You ready?

Okay -

In the couse of perusing the interwebs I just realized that Barnes & Noble is running rotating sales on Kim Harrison books on the Nook Books for under $2.99.  So in case you don't already own them all (shame!), you can acquire them for the low, low price of under $2.99 (yay!).

Because on February 25th, we will be rewarded for not offing ourselves in this ridiculously cold weather with:

Hooray for not offing ourselves!

Now I may have already snagged and read a copy of this book.  And it may be awesome.  But until you do your homework and read your Kim Harrison in preparation you won't know for sure...  so get busy!  The year of the horse means no lazing around - read and then read some more!

Happy New Year!


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Two or three things...

August 09
by Brandy 9. August 2013 02:17

So, I was going to get on here and say, Holy Books, Batman!  All kinds of stuff is coming out in August!!  Chloe Neill and Carrie Vaughn totally snuck up on me this week and Kristen Ashley is putting out the LAST Rock Chick next week.  But then I checked my email...

I had over 500 emails in my personal box, over 300 in my junkmail and 190 in the Binge Reads box.  The first two are nothing exciting because I haven't been on my laptop in a while to get in and delete stuff.  But the Binge Reads email was a surprise.  I know that I have been a very bad blogger and neglected the site shamefully this summer.  I claim moving mania and house guests!  So I was curious and started reading the emails, thinking that somehow people had miraculously been drawn to the page even though I haven't said much lately.  Wrong!  It was a bunch of strangely worded, english as a second language spam!  So if anybody tried to make a legitimate comment or ask a question I apologize now.  I probably just deleted you.  You were lost in the accident lawyer/credit score rating/check out my site that has nothing to do with books avalance of BS.  Sorry!  I would copy/paste some of the more horribly worded ones here but that feels a little too mean to do to strangers who complimented my 'articles' (yeah right!) and awesome blog design (total template) before trying to pitch me something.  So if you really want to ask me questions, feel free to do so now.  Otherwise, I don't need New York Insurance.  Thank you kindly.  I am in Kansas. 

The other thing:  I give up!!!  I cannot read the Morcai Battalion.  I have been defeated by Diana Palmer.  She joins a select group of authors that I could not slog through.  I have to give her props, though.  She is joining the likes of James Fenimore Cooper and Edith Wharton, so she is the first contemporary author to actually make my eyeballs shrink into my brain and beg me to stop reading.  Congrats, Diana Palmer - you win!

That's all for today.  I am trying to go to bed before the 'middle of the night' so I can meet my Stitchin Bitches tomorrow morning.  Feel free to leave me actual comments and I will be happy to respond.  Or spam me like crazy and I will be happy to delete you. 

Happy Reading!  The Rock Chick Count down is ON!


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Magic Rises!

July 30
by Brandy 30. July 2013 23:38

Happy Kate Daniels Day!!  Have you read it yet?  Cause I have!  Does anyplace have a 25 star rating?  I would give it 25 stars out of 5 :)

You know last year, when you saw Gunmetal Magic and thought, "Awww, Man!  I wanted a Kate book!"  But then you read Gunmetal Magic anyway, cause how could you not?  And it was still a pretty awesome book, but you were still dying to know what happened with Hugh?  And what happened with Julie?  And then you wondered how things were going with the new business and how Andrea and Raphael were doing after Gunmetal Magic?   This book is the answer to your prayers! 

I downloaded this at about 12:15 am on my Nook and then spent my entire day reading, sleeping, and then going to work so I could put it on the shelf.  I spent all of last week reading the series all the way through from the beginning so I would be ready for today.  And I had a 13 year old house guest last week, so sneaking in 5 books took dedication!  It was well worth the effort since this is the greatest series of all time.  Just saying...

Okay, things you want to know without spilling the beans:

-There was a teaser out there on the Interwebs that had part of the first chapter, so I don't feel too bad saying that Julie's BFF goes loup and has to be locked down.  They can't get enough of the magic panacea from europe to save her.  Tradition says you kill the kid quick and get it over with.  Except nobody is going to kill a kid guarded by Julie and Kate.  So Curran orders a hold on all loup killings because (dun dun dunh!!) the Pack has been offered a bunch of panacea if Curran and Kate go handle some business for the snooty European shifters.  Bwa ha ha!  Trap?  Of course!  Saiman roped in?  Of course!  Much fantastic-ness?  Hells yeah! 

-You find out lots of new stuff about Hugh D'Ambray.  LOTS!

-Read the short story at the end of the book first.  I didn't, and it isn't essential to understand the story, but it is pretty freaking funny and makes a good kickoff to the rest of the book which has some pretty grim spots.

-You will be angry with Curran.  Very angry.  Keep reading!!!

-Somebody will die.  It will crack your heart a little bit but not break it to tiny tiny pieces.  It was a good death :)

-We get a new, mysterious stranger with as much mystical mojo juice as Roland.  Future ally???  Somebody with more religion than me tell me - Biblical reference?!

-Two words - Blood Armour!

-You meet some new species of shapeshifters.  Interesting... very interesting...

-Very end of the story - Yay!!  And I can't wait to see how THAT situation unfolds. 

-Read it!!! 

Is it next year yet?  Cause I am ready for another book!  I know, I know... super awesomeness takes time.  Ah well.  I will just roll around in happiness that there is another installation to the greatest series ever!

On a speculative note, I was just made aware today that there is a book about the expendable crew members from Star Trek.  Except nobody wants to get sued by the descendants of Roddenberry, so it is about the expendable crew members from a situation very closely resembling that of a certain much beloved vintage science fiction universe...

I have put this book on the shelf approximately 100 times in the last 6 months, yet somehow my brain did not put the title and the cover together until somebody pointed it out to me today.  I flipped through a few pages and it looks pretty funny.  This book is from the perspective of the replacement crew who start to wonder why it is that nobody on the ship except the five hotshots on the bridge are ever excited about away missions and how exactly so many dudes in red shirts end up never coming back.  The lead character starts out thinking it is some paranoic conspiracy theory, but I'm guessing that events will transpire to change his mind :)  This looks like a really fun read and is now definately on my to do list!

Okay.  If you are reading this post you had better have finished Magic Rises.  Because if you haven't then you are WASTING YOUR TIME!!  Priorities, people!! Get off Facebook, get off the computer, lock your phone up, grab your reading device of choice and GET BUSY READING MAGIC RISES!  You can thank me for internet yelling at you later :)

Happy Kate Daniels day - hope you love it as much as I do!



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